Hydrogen Perioxide (2 Litres)


Our Paracetamol gives you fast relief of pains, feverish conditions, teeth pains, cold symptoms, headaches, earache, muscular and general body aches. It is also an Antipyretic and an Analgesic. Our Gentian Violet is essentially used in the treatment of Burns, Cuts, Chronic Ulcer and Fungal infection.


FIRST AID: First Aid is the treatment of cuts, fresh wounds, and abrasions. Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide solution B.P. with an equal volume of water and apply with lint or cotton wool to arrest bleeding and disinfect the tissue Removal of Dressing: To remove dressings from wounds, dilute hydrogen peroxide solution B.P. with an equal volume of water. Thoroughly soak the dressing with this solution and leave some minutes before removal Mouth Wash: For a mouthwash, add 15ml hydrogen peroxide solution B.P. to half a tumblerful of water and use frequently.


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